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In March 2021 we celebrated 30 years of taking care of your financial statements and your peaceful sleep. Zdenka Dražnik started the business and gradually introduced both daughters in it. As a result, the business transformed into a family business. In 2017 we expanded our services to the fields of tax and legal consulting. After 2010, natural development of the business brought us to the phase, where we also started offering financial and accounting consulting, providing support services for gaining bank funds, preparation of business plans and many others.  

We currently have 6 workers, who cooperate tightly with contractual colleagues when bigger projects are in question. Therefore we are a reliable partner for our business partners. All our employees are highly educated and experienced and have been trained to best identify and comprehend the needs of our clients. The director of Finera d.o.o. obtained the titles »Certified Auditor« at the Slovenian Institute of Auditing and »Professional Head of Accounting service« at the Chamber of Accounting services, where she is currently a member of a admistrative board. The leading partner of the tax department finished master studies at Faculty of law in 2016, with specialisation on tax law. In 2019 she also obtained a licence as a certified tax consultant at the Slovenian Institute of Auditors. She is currently also a member of a board of certified tax consultants at Slovenian Institute of Auditors.

In the times of globalisation it is important to understand international markets and also to speak foreign languages, so we can communicate with you in English, German, French, Croatian and Serbian language. Our head of accounting department was also a director of an international audit company and our tax partner has more than 10-years of experience with working in an international consulting firm, where she was also a director for a few years.

We cooperate with external colleagues, who are well-known tax consultants, legal consultants, lawyers and financial advisors. Our moto is, that a client must always get a top service and reliable information. We offer a wide range of services, so that you can deal with all aspects of business in one place. For us a satisfied client is our best reference.

We are also a part of a franchise group SIMIČ & PARTNERJI.



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